Athens skyline rooftop view panorama sunset, Greece. 

Eclipse Brand to Enter 10 European Countries

On July 19, 2018, Eclipse International and Athanasios and Georgious (A&G), holding company of mattress manufacturer EcoSleep, signed a licensing agreement that gives A&G the rights to produce, market and sell Eclipse mattresses in 10 European countries: Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and The Netherlands.

For those unfamiliar with EcoSleep, this is a dynamic mattress manufacturer led by (brothers) Athanasios and Georgios Bairaktaris who have been mattress producers since 2004. EcoSleep has a 28,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Athens Greece and has gained prominence in the competitive European market by becoming a key mattress supplier to leading retailers such as Harvey Norman and Metro Makro among others. In addition to its mattress-manufacturing business, EcoSleep also has a successful retail division that operates seven stores that are strategically located in the three largest cities of Greece: Athens, Salonika, Patra. “While we have a well-established footprint in Greece and a few other European countries with our EcoSleep brand, to materialize our growth plan, we saw it necessary to add an American brand to our portfolio, thus the selection of Eclipse” said an enthusiastic George Bairaktaris, President of EcoSleep.


Georgious Bairaktaris

Athanasios Bairaktaris

“I have no doubt that, with his tireless-leader personality, George will generate great opportunities with Eclipse in Europe; It’s exciting to have Eco Sleep as a member of our group” noted Stuart Carlitz, Eclipse International CEO.

And so it goes……….