The Wellness Collection

  • Wool Cover

  • Wrapped Coils

  • Natural Latex

"After trying many mattress brands, I finally found Wellness ."

Rita Carrol

Why Wellness Mattresses Are Different?

 Comfort System

100% Natural Latex

Latex is contouring yet responsive. It's breathable and cooling. Plant-based and doesn't off gas.

Hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to mold and mites.



Each coil in this mattress is wrapped in a light fabric. There are hundreds of indiviually wrapped coils that respond uniquely to your movement and target support directly to your weight.


 Using our patented and COCSA-endorsed Spinal Zone technology, we add support and durability to the section of the mattress that supports the bulk of your body weight, providing more support for the heaviest parts of your body.