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A. Mattress Cover

PCM Cooler Cover Fabric – the cover contains wool, a natural fiber that is luxurious long-lasting, temperature controlling and wicks away moisture.  COOLER™ fiber is used to create a yarn with very high thermal conductivity drawing excess heat from the body to create a comfortable sleeping environment. COOLER™ is cool to the touch and because it is a fiber, not a finish, it will last for the life of the fabric.

B. Comfort Layers

Cooper Infused Talalay Latex™ – drastically improves comfort, and is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial in addition to having a variety of therapeutic benefits. 

Zone Quilt™  We pre-compresses the cushioning materials in the center third section of the mattress to strengthen the section in which body impressions most commonly occur.

Sensile Respond™ is a cushiony soft from that sleep cool and has superior breathability.

Gel-Memory Foam – is cooling and conforms to the shape of the sleeper. This increases airflow and reduces the heat of the mattress

C. Support Layers

Spinal Zone™  Every mattress in our line employs our patented technology, Spinal Zone, that provides lumbar support and reduces body impressions.

LifeEdge™ Foam Encasement – a system designed for adjustable bed bases that is 24% more flexible than standard foam encasement. 

D. Mattress Core

Wrapped Coil – more than 800 individually wrapped coils creating proper spinal alignment.

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