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Our History

Eclipse began in the 1890s when brothers Sam and Max Weisglass moved their spring manufacturing business from a small town in Ukraine to New York City. In 1903 the Weisglass Spring Company began with hard work and dedication eventually evolving into the U.S. Cabinet and Bed Company.

Two years later, Eclipse Sleep Products was founded and eventually became one of the largest bedding companies on the east coast of the U.S. Times have changed and so has Eclipse. Today, Eclipse holds 7 patents and has 62 manufacturing licensees worldwide.

Why Buy an Eclipse Mattress?


Comfort, Convenience, Value


Our goal is to make a difference in the sleep health of our valued customers. We create mattresses that use patented technologies to deliver the highest quality at the greatest value. We guarantee your satisfaction by creating a product free of defects; doing it right the first time. Our commitment is to invest our economic and human capital in order to create manufacturing processes that reduces our carbon footprint and delivers to you, the consumer, the highest value in the bedding industry.

Technologies Improve How you Sleep

Since 1905 Eclipse International has set the bar for technologies that truly improve sleep quality, reduce back and neck pain, and virtually eliminate stiffness

Zone Quilt™

The Patented Zoned Quilt Support System pre-compresses the cushioning materials in the center third section of the sleep system to eliminate mattress breakdown and strengthen the section in which body impressions most commonly occur.


Spinal Zone™

Eclipse’s Patented Spinal Zone Sleep System is clinically proven to reduce back pain for a healthier night’s sleep.



Eclipse’s Patented LifeEdge Perimeter Support technology provides greater edge support around the entire mattress perimeter for ultimate sleep comfort and quality.

Chiropractic Endorsement


Our brands are endorsed by the Congress of Chiropractic State Association. Every state has a local chapter governed by COCSA, who provides guidance on chiropractic practices. All COCSA members are licensed Chiropractors.

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