Since 1905

 Eclipse Licensing

  • Factories From Coast to Coast

  • Globally, Elclipse is one of the largest mattress licensing and manufacturing groups.

  • American Specifications

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Where is Your Factory Located?

Manufacuring and Design Excellence

With 80 Factories worldwide, we design and develop quality mattresses. Eclipse Mattresses continue our relentless focus on design, spinal alligment and durablity.


Over 100+ years of mattress making.

Average tenure of 16+ years

Made in America

We are an American brand.  

Our Headquaters is in New Jersey. We treat        people the way we would want to be treated.      Our family-owned business has grown, and        so has our quality commitment to customers.

Average tenure of 16+ years.
We have a long and successful history of brand licensing and Diversity of brands. BIA’s brand maturity provides ideal developmental opportunities and dominating brand value.