Being Flexible!  

Split-Head Mattresses By Eclipse

  • Customizable Comfort

  • Flexible Support

  • Two People In One Bed? No problem!

Why Purchase A Split Head Mattress By Eclipse Mattress?

Click here and see our mattresses that offer split-head functionality, in queen and king size models. 

You customize the comfort: This type of mattress allows each sleeper to adjust the head section of the bed.

Two People in one Bed? A split-head or flex head mattress is a great option for couples who have differing comfort preferences. You decide the head position of your bed independently, the other person sleeping won't be effected.

Many people enjoy the benefits of better posture, even snoring, or acid reflux, or other breathing problems can be reduced.

Relieve pressure points: A flex-head mattress can help alleviate pressure points while improved blood circulation can be possible, this can help some who suffer from lower back pain.

Eclipse Mattress Innovations bring you one of the only mattresses having a hybrid infrastructure of components offering a split head and coils with many options of comfort using specialty comfort layers. 

  • Made in America

    9 Factories In The U.S.

  • Chiropractic Seal of Approval

    To meet the criteria for the Chiropractic seal of approval, mattresses must conform to strict standards for back and spinal health.

  • Family Owned

    Family-Owned Brand Since 1905

  • Adjustable-Base Friendly

    Designed to work with adjustable beds

    and bases.

  • certiPUR

    certiPUR certifiedprovides exceptional resilience and pressure-relief

  • 15-Year Warranty

    Built to last, durable mattresses

    built by U.S. craftsmen